The programming of the Maasplein: The tunnel building as outdoor cinema.

Seen from the sea, the ventilation buildings of the Maastunnel are the access gates to the Maasplein. The environment near the tunnel on South, on the Charloisse Hoofd, will be redeveloped as a link on the Maasplein. Coming from the North side by bike out of the tunnel, you feel lost at this Charloisse Hoofd. The lawn between the Maas and Charlois is unused, and you have no idea where the city continues. After the redevelopment from Bureau Venhuizen, you accurately cycle to the centre of Charlois on the new cycle route. This route takes you along a number of new sports facilities and cuts through the slow rising terrain. This rising side becomes the tribune of the Rotterdam Outdoor Cinema, the venilationbuilding of the Maastunnel.