Reshuffle De Hef

Until 2009 the Maasplein could only be visit from all sides by long detours or by water taxi. From the Kop van Zuid -the Wilhelminapier, you can easily reach de Maastunnel with the Erasmusbrug, which as main entrance the northern and southern part of the city connects. This tunnel is actually the service entrance and is mainly used by community traffic.

Although the Maastunnel is extremely worth seeing, the tunnel is missing in all tourist routes. When you reach the Charloisse Hoofd, they send you around the Maasplein with long detours. To return from Hoofd to Kop, the two ports also force you to make a detour. A bridge over the Rijnhaven will be built soon, but a connection with the Maashaven is temporarily missing. While not far away one of Rotterdam’s most proud bridges is being unemployed. Reshuffle the bridge De Hef to the Maashaven may close this hole in the MAASPLEIN route. Then again, this monumental bridge can shine by having a new function.